Course descriptions are from 2009-2010 engineering academic calendar

MSE-245 Organic Material Chemistry and Properties

Introduction to organic chemistry and organic materials. Naming of organic compounds. Properties and reactions of organic compounds. Bonding and shapes of organic molecules. Analysis of organic compounds including IR and mass spectroscopy. Introduction to natural and bio-molecules. Principles of structure of polymer molecules. Polymer synthesis. Structure of polymeric materials including amorphous, crystalline, elastomeric and fibre reinforced. Mechanical and thermal properties of polymers.

MSE-244 Inorganic Material Chemistry and Processing

An introduction to atomic and molecular structures, acid-base and redox reactions, transition metal complexes, systematic chemistry and physical properties of metals and elements in the periodic table. Examples of industrial practice from the metal processing industry and energy generation and storage technologies will also be discussed. The fundamentals of chemical analysis of inorganic compounds, by both classical ˇ°wetˇ± volumetric analysis and instrumental methods are covered in the experiments.

APS-104 Introduction to Materials and Chemistry

This is an introductory course in materials science and physical chemistry. Topics include: fundamentals of atomic, structure, the nature of bonding, crystal structure and defects, the laws of chemical thermodynamics (including a discussion of enthalpy and entropy), reaction equilibrium, and phase equilibria. These basic principles provide the foundation for an exploration of structure-property relationships in metals, ceramics, and polymers, with emphasis on mechanical properties.

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