Printed Organic Memories

Printed large area flexible electronics may drastically change future electronics surrounding our daily lives. Our research adds memory functionality to current printed electronics.

We are developing a simple crossbar memory on flexible plastic substrates through deposition of conducting, semiconducting, and insulating inks via solution deposition and screen printing processes. The semiconducting ink has a bistable characteristic which can switch the impedance from high (Off state) to low (On state) with an On/Off ratio up to 106. Both write-once-read-many times (WORM) and rewritable memories have been demonstrated with various organic molecules. Our approach provides a high throughput and low cost solution for devices such as printed RFID, smart packaging, or intelligent posters.

Printed organic memories on PET film.

Flexible Energy and Electronics Laboratory
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Toronto
2024 F.E.E. Lab