Jak received the "TA of the Year" award January 2019

From Left:Amelia Susanto, Keryn Lian, Jak Li, Alvin Virya, Raunaq Bagchi


The F.E.E.L team together with Professor Aiping Yu and some members of the Applied carbon nanotechnology group from the University of Waterloo.

Our Lab Presents...

at UnERD 2013

Yeewei Fong and Alvin Virya

at the October 2013 ECS Meeting in San Francisco

Matt Genovese

Haoran Wu

at the 219th ECS meeting, Montreal, 2011, from left to right (in front of the poster by Bernie Ting)

Sanaz Ketabi, Bernie Ting, Jin Chang, Keryn Lian, Gurvinder Bajwa, and Han Gao.

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